Hi all,

I'm writing a code to support CardBus at FreeBSD.
I put on a current working code snapshot at my Web,

This is an alpha quality and different implimentation of NEWCARD.
Currently, It only works on my laptop, SONY VAIO PCG-818.
Supported PC Cards are MELCO WLI-PCM-L11, which is an OEM of a Lucent
WaveLan, and Corega FastEther PCC-TX.
These 16-bit PC Cards are using PCI interrupt, not use ISA interrupt.
CardBus PC Card does not work, we can only dump a CIS.

I put on a compiled kernel at same place.
#Please try it if you want.

YAMAMOTO Shigeru                        Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                     Network Engineering Div.

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