On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 12:43:42PM -0400, Charlie Li wrote:
> ....
> I've found this one intermittent at best. I'll run a buildworld on
> anything newer than r337852, get the linker error, update to even the
> next newer revision that changes completely unrelated files, build
> succeeds. Case in point, r337835 to r337863 failed, but r337863 to
> r337865 succeeded.

I got the "one" I reported twice this morning, on each of two
different machines, so that's four out of four.  Granted, that
doesn't necessarily make it "reproducible," but it does reduce the
odds that its another race condition, for example.

And one of those machines is currently available for testing possible
fixes (after I power it back up).

> This is all with META_MODE, so could be a bug with that.

True -- I am using META_MODE (as my mention of the .ERROR_META_FILE

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