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> I think including both loaders in userboot is probably a no-start
>> based on the current interface.
> Yea, it would be a challenge... Sadly, we have POLA violations either way
> we jump here.

Just to summarize the IRC conversation:

I just committed r338064 which reverts userboot.so to 4th always. This is a
quick band-aide until a longer term solution happens.

There was the suggestion of adding a hack so that if there was no lua, we
could use the 4th interpreter instead. There's a number of ways to do this,
but they all involve a bit of work.

There was the suggestion of installing a userboot_{lua,4th}.so and hard
linking (but this provides a built-in way to get the right userboot_*.so to
use with a bhyveload -l lessening the burden).

The notion of putting some smarts into bhyveload to cope, since it's also
updated at the same time that userboot.so is, typically.

There may be another notion as well. Working through the details and will
present a plan when I have it.

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