On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Thomas Schuerger wrote:

> Hi!
> Is there already a tool that checks the installed ports for available
> updates in /usr/ports?
> I've written such a tool, which seems to work fine already. Anyone
> interested?
Now that such a tool (yours?) is in /etc/periodic/weekly, how does one
update a package?

If I update foo-1.1 to foo-1.2 by just doing a make install, I now have
both foo-1.1 and foo-1.2 listed in /var/db/pkg

And if I remove foo-1.1 first, it will complain that bar-2.3 requires foo.

If I remove foo-1.1 after installing foo-1.2, /usr/bin/foo will be
removed, I fear. Or will the MD5 values in +CONTENT check, that only files
belonging to foo-1.1 be removed? That can't be, because some files might
be the same in both packages.

The steps needed for upgrading a package (from ports) would be:

make install

append foo-1.1/+REQUIRED_BY to foo-1.2/+REQUIRED_BY

traverse /var/db/pkg/* and remove foo-1.1/replace with foo-1.2

"subtract" foo-1.2/+CONTENT from foo-1.1/+CONTENT, only removing files
needed only in foo-1.1

remove /var/db/pkg/foo-1.1

Does this look sane?

Have I overlooked the pkg_add --update command, or is it now "send


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