On 8/22/18 8:37 PM, Mark Millard wrote:
> I'm just using this move as an example for some more
> general questions.
> After this change when I look at:
> https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=devfs.conf&apropos=0&sektion=5&manpath=FreeBSD+12-current&arch=default&format=html
> I see in the man page:
>      /etc/devfs.conf
>      /usr/share/examples/etc/devfs.conf
> So . . .
> Roughly when are the "FreeBSD+12-current" man pages going to
> track the moves? Once everything has been moved?
> Are the examples also going to be moved/reorganized? Similar
> timing question to the above (if yes).

The installed location of the files doesn't change, only their location
in the source tree.  It does seem that share/examples has not been
handled to date, as they probably belong in the same package as the thing
they are samples of.

I really wish that the Makefiles were smart enough to use .PATH or
some such to reach over into ${SRCTOP}/etc to find the files without
requiring them to actually move in the tree since it's not very
intuitive where to find many of these files now.  (And the source
locations are starting to no longer mimic the layout on the host,
such as syslog.d being "flattened".)

John Baldwin
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