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Kennaway writes:
: On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, Warner Losh wrote:
: > They aren't installed.  You must have a kernel tree to build the kld.
: > Just add vnode_if.h to your SRCS and the rest happens automatically
: > via  It works great.  I do it all the time.  In fact, I
: > added SYSDIR support to at Timing Solutions so that we
: > could compile our drivers outside of the tree.
: As I understand it, this is the only file which is required from the
: kernel sources in order to build the arla port. ISTR FiST also needs it to
: be present, and I also think I once came across another port that needed
: it too. Is it really so wrong to make the lives of these third-party FS
: tools harder by requiring full kernel sources to be present?

Yes.  They must be present.  That's the API we have, for good or for
ill.  In order to get the right interfaces and the right generated
files, they have to use the right proceedures.  If you have stale or
incorrect files, the ports will mysteriously not work.  I'll take a
look at the ports in question.  Likely they are buggy by not using  Using is mandatory for kernel modules.


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