* From: Nik Clayton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

 * Possibly.  I was thinking that the only thing that would be language
 * specific about each driver would be the comment section.
 *     <comment>...</comment>
 * All the other stuff is language independent.
 * That being the case, it wouldn't be too hard to do
 *     <commant lang="ja_JP.EUCjp">...</comment>
 *     <comment lang="es_ES.ISO_8859-1">...</comment>
 * and so on, would it?
 * Or does loading Japanese text in to a non-Japanese aware editor scramble
 * the text?

With ja_JP.eucJP, it certainly would, since that's an 8-bit encoding.
If you use JIS, it should be ok (as long as people pretend they don't
see all the ^['s hanging around and don't try to do anything cute).


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