On 9/13/18 1:27 AM, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> Thursday, September 13, 2018, 6:32:30 AM, you wrote:
>> This is probably not the issue, but aesni is not in the GENERIC kernel.  Are 
>> you sure aesni.ko is loaded?
>> % kldstat | grep aesni
>  I'm not using modules, as it is NanoBSD image build for minimal size ant
> maximal efficiency. But I have aesni in my kernel config for sure:
> % grep aesni ~/nanobsd/gatevay.v3/J3160
> device       aesni

From my understanding of the OpenSSL code, it doesn't use the kernel driver
at all (the kernel driver is only needed for in-kernel crypto such as IPSec
or GELI).  AESNI are just instructions that can be used in userland, and
OpenSSL's AESNI acceleration is purely different routines in userland.
I would verify if AESNI shows up in the CPU features in dmesg first (if it
doesn't I'd check for a BIOS option disabling it).

John Baldwin

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