On 27-Jun-00 Edwin Culp wrote:
> I have 5 machines running current.  All are booting fine with the
> changes made on June 12, with the exception of a k-6 laptop.  I have
> been booting the kernel.works since the changes and can't seem to get
> something right.  I have tried with my original kernel configuration and
> now have been trying with the GENERIC configuration and GENERIC.hints.
> When I try to boot with my new kernel I get:
> BTX loader 1.0 BTX version is 1.01
> Console: internal video/keyboard
> BIOS drive A: is disk0
> BIOS drive B: is disk1
> BIOS 639kB/97280kB available memory
> FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader, Revision 0.8
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon June 26 12:37:44 PDT 2000
> int=0000000d err=00000000 eft=00010046 eip=000092eb
> eax=000000fb ebx=00000000 ecx=00000152 edx=000003f6
> esi=000fbc92 edi=000f0000 ebp=000017b4 esp=000017b4
> cs:eip=0f 32 89 45 1c 89 55 14-46 eb cf 80 65 31 fd eb

RDMSR instruction.  It's trying to read an MSR (Model
Specific Register) from the CPU.  In this case, one that
is not documented in Intel's manuals.  Thus, it is either
an undocmented MSR or a K6-only MSR.

> ss:esp=08 00 00 00 1c 9c 00 00-fe 0e 00 00 d4 17 00 00
> System halted
> I copied this manually since I don't have a console on the laptop.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Rev 1.18 of sys/boot/i386/btx/btx/btx.s should fix this.  Try
doing an ftp install of a really recent snap from

> Thanks,
> ed


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