On 28-Jun-00 Takahashi Yoshihiro wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to move {boot,fixit}_crunch.conf from src/release to
> src/release/$MACHINE because it needs to use different configuration
> file between PC/AT and PC-98 to decrease the size of PC-98 fixit.flp
> to 1.2MB.
> In addition, alpha machines don't require the fdisk command, so I
> think that it should be removed the fdisk command from
> fixit_crunch.conf for alpha.

Actually, I'd add the src/release/${MACHINE} dir, but only move
a conf file if you need to.  For instance, if you rip the unused
/usr/src/sbin/${MACHINE_ARCH} dir from boot_crunch.conf, it will
work on the alpha again and will be the same for all platforms.

Only the fixit floppy actually differs at the moment.

You can implement this by checking for src/release/${MACHINE}/${conf_file}
first and fallback to src/release/${conf_file} if you don't find
the first one.

> Comment?


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