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> This one-liner works to submit, though you'll need to change username,
> email and maybe tweak the description if your system doesn't have decent
> smbios entries. It's also x86 centric, since other systems won't have this
> information as readily available.
> curl -v -d "nickname=$USER" -d "email=$USER@$(hostname)" -d
> "description=FreeBSD/$(uname -m) on $(kenv smbios.system.maker) $(kenv
> smbios.system.product)" -d "do=addd" --data-urlencode
> 'dmesg@/var/run/dmesg.boot'
> http://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi

On my system I would have to use smbios.planar.maker and
smbios.planar.product because the corresponding smbios.system values
are not filled in.  Just a heads up for other users.

This should be easy enough to check, since kenv will dump all its
values, which allows a user to check what is really set.

> Hope helps facilitate submission of entries.  Thanks to Charles Sprickman
> for the idea of using a curl one-liner.

Gary Jennejohn
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