On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 10:44:56AM -0700, gnu not unix wrote:
> My vote is for root's shell to be /bin/sh if anyone's counting.

Mine too.

> Is the /bin/sh in freebsd more buggy than, say, the solaris /bin/sh?
> If so, thats's probably why it's currently /bin/csh.

I doubt it; Solaris /bin/sh is likely more buggy.

> I could also live with /bin/bash as root's shell.
> Not sure why bash is not part of freebsd "core" anyways.

Because BASH is infected by the GPV?  =)

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?O M+ V-- PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP+>+++ t++ 5 X++ R+ tv+ b++>++++ DI+++ D+ 
G++>+++ e->++++ h! r-->+++ y?

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