Andrey A. Chernov writes:
> Without "device ether" in config file kernel fails to compile and
> complains on undefined function ether_ifdetach() in if.c:if_detach()
> Please fix.

I'm working on it.

Of course, in order to check in the fix, I first need to build a
new kernel and test it. But once running the new kernel, I can't
check in the fix thanks to the broken ssh. So now I'm now building
another kernel with RANDOMDEV, even though that this is the solution
was not at all obvious from reading UPDATING.

Luckily I happened to have seen -current in the past couple of days.
Trying to search -current on the web site for the appropriate keywords
yeilded only articles from the years 1997 through 1999, nothing in
2000, and there is no way to sort by date anyway.

I'm not trying to emit blame or anything, just pointing out that
anything that makes it harder for developers to build & test new
kernels and/or ssh changes and fixes into freefall can lead to
exponentially increasing problems and/or delays.


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