Set TAR in make.conf to gnu tar from ports. Some tarballs will cause bsdtar to 
exhaust memory and swap. There was discussion a while ago suggesting this is a 
bug in vmm.

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From: Graham Perrin
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Subject: Problem compiling rust: observations on swap

On 06/10/2018 23:41, Rebecca Cran wrote:

> On 10/6/18 6:40 AM, Greg V wrote:
>> BTW, this error message doesn't say much, but if cargo fails, you
>> might be out of memory.
> I was going to suggest being out of memory too. I've seen the rust build
> cause my system to run out of all 32GB RAM and 2GB swap.

Yeah, by coincidence I mentioned this yesterday in IRC:


– whilst poudriere built both llvm and rust. Around 6 of 8 GB swap used on a 
system with 16 GB real memory.

(I allowed a larger than usual partition for swap when I first installed the 
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