Warner Losh writes:

>      I'm curious where 2013 comes from. I know that Intel Sandy Bridge 
> graphics
>      is supported with VAAPI acceleration by drm-stable-kmod, since it i 
> working
>      on the system I am using to send this message. I bought it in 2011, the
>      year Sandy Bridge was introduced to production products.
>  2013 is "five year old hardware or newer". It's a number I pulled out of the
>  air when trying to nail down the group in describing who should use what.
>  Giving code names would also work. Sandy Bridge and newer, though, is 
> confusing
>  to people.  I'd use 2011 as the release date for Sandy Bridge, but then what
>  about the AMD other GPUs?
>  If there's a better way to message what's supported, I'm all ears.

        Lacking a better plan: is there a list of which card/gpu is
currently known to work with which drm(-kmod) version, perhaps
gathered from those involved with development?  (Is this based on work
from Linux? If so, do they have a list?)


                                Robert Huff

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