Warner Losh writes:
> : check in the fix thanks to the broken ssh. So now I'm now building
> : another kernel with RANDOMDEV, even though that this is the solution
> : was not at all obvious from reading UPDATING.
> Patches to UPDATING welcome.  Grumping about UPDATING ignored. :-)

OK, does this sound correct?

diff -u -r1.91 UPDATING
--- UPDATING    2000/06/29 00:34:54     1.91
+++ UPDATING    2000/06/30 17:01:58
@@ -21,6 +21,10 @@
        openssh and openssl should not be used to generate keys from this
        date to the completion of the work.
+       Alternately, just include 'options RANDOMDEV' in your kernel
+       and everything will start working again, albeit with reduced
+       security.
        The license on the softupdates is now a standard 2 clause
        BSD license.  You may need to remove your symbolic links


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