Yuri Pankov wrote:
> Warner Losh wrote:
>> Greetings
>> a few weeks ago I pointed people to the nycbug dmesg service. I said I was
>> looking at data to drive SCSI retirement. I've gatherd some preliminary
>> data, which I've uploaded to
>> https://github.com/bsdimp/device-data/blob/master/cam.md along with some
>> preliminary notions of disposition for the hardware. I'm still working out
>> the kinks in the dmesg parsing, but this is interesting data.
>> If you've not recently submitted, please consider doing so. We'll be
>> finalizing the scsi SIMs that I'm going to propose retiring in 13 here in a
>> few weeks, and I'm going to base much of what list I come up with based on
>> what is submitted. The glitches with FreeBSD dmesgs have been cleared up as
>> well.
>> http://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi
>> or
>> curl -v -d "nickname=$USER" -d "email=$USER@$(hostname)" -d
>> "description=FreeBSD/$(uname -m) on $(kenv smbios.system.maker) $(kenv
>> smbios.system.product)" -d "do=addd" --data-urlencode 'dmesg@
>> /var/run/dmesg.boot' http://dmesgd.nycbug.org/index.cgi
> Got another system to submit, but continuously getting "500 Internal
> Server Error" using the curl one-liner.  dmesg.boot attached in case
> it's the source of the problem.

It works now, sorry for the noise.

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