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> I ran into some trouble booting off a Fujitsu Lifebook E751 (firmware is 
> latest, r1.22
> from 2013). The E751 is of model series S26391-K326-V100 and equipted with a 
> Core
> i5-2520M CPU and supposed to be also equipted with a iGPU HM65 according to 
> the
> techniscal specifications from Fujitsu.
> Trying to boot off 12-PRERELEASE/12-RC2 and/or 13-CURRENT (most recent I 
> could grap from
> the download page), the screen becomes distorted immediately after the kernel 
> has
> loaded and initialised/booted. The screen is at the loader's all right so far.
> Trying to disable graphics mode via escaping to the loader's prompt and 
> setting 
> set hw.vga.textmode=1
> subsequently loading the kernel and then booting, doesn't help. The screen is 
> distorted
> again. The notebook seems UEFI only and doesn't boot off from MBR partioned 
> devices (i.e.
> NanoBSD I used to use).
> Loading /boot/kernel/i915kms.ko
> after manually having loaded /boot/kernel/kernel (and not booted yet) doesn't 
> change
> anything either.
> Booting off and installing Linux (Ubuntu, Mint so far, most revent verions I 
> can get my
> hands on) is no problem. The console works fine from the beginning and so the 
> graphics.
> Is there a chance to get a FreeBSD booting the easy way? 
> The provided boot images do not contain any of the 
> graphics/drm-stable|next|legacy-kmod
> stuff, I tried to load i915kms.ko off from /boot/modules/ (were those modules 
> from the
> ports are supposed to reside) but no chance.
> Before starting investigating this issue further I'd like to ask wether there 
> is a
> general support provided or is that type of notebook dead matter for FreeBSD 
> of the
> modern kind?
> Thanks in advance,
> oh
> p.s. please CC me, I'm not subscribing all lists.
> - -- 
> O. Hartmann
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> =XD7b

 Could you post a picture somewhere ?

 I have a laptop which have efifb problem, what I need to do is (at
loader prompt) :

 gop set 4 (to switch to a different mode)
 gop set 0 (switch to the correct mode)

 You can gop list (iirc) to checks the available mode.

 The problem is that we are mixing serial and gop in loader.efi and
when you set one mode in serial (or for SIMPLE_TEXT_PROTOCOL) is can
mess the graphical mode.

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