-On [20000629 20:03], Garrett Wollman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
><<On Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:01:25 -0700, "David O'Brien" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
>> 1. Everyone uses /bin/csh (show me a box that has never had root login at
>>    least once.
>I can show you several boxes where first thing root did after logging
>in was to configure itself for a Real Shell(tm).  I personally would
>be much happier if root's default shell were /bin/sh (as it is on all
>of the new non-FreeBSD boxes we have around here).

Although I agree 200% with your /bin/sh statement, heck I was one of the
people advocating it on -arch, I think it is time we bury this dead
horse once and for all.

We have had this endless discussion on -arch, -committers got rigged
with it and now we're infecting -current.

Please put this noise to rest.  Please.

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