On 28 Jan 2019, at 12:44, O. Hartmann wrote:

I ran into severe problems on CURRENT ( FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT #193
r343521: Mon Jan 28 10:26:36 CET 2019 amd64), VIMAGE enabled host with jails
utilizing IPv6.

and you forget to mention in the subject that it seems to be an ipfw problem and thus missing your target audience most likely.

Stopping all jails, destroying all epairs and bridge0 doesn't change anything.

The problems occured when IPv6 came into play on the specific host in question.

Does that mean you could reproduce the problem just with bce0 and no jail+vnets at all just with IPv4, IPv6, and ipfw on the main host?

If you cannot, would starting a vnet-jail (without the bridge and connecting the epair), just starting a jail in persist mode, make a difference; or would strating a jail and applying the ipfw rules therein start the problem?

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm out of ideas.

y best guess is to move the thread to freebsd-ipfw (Cc: and Reply-To: set) and see if people pick it up there some more and also finding the minimalistic case to reproduce.

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