Hello out there.

I'm using some dual stack installations and I'd like to configure FreeBSD's
(CURRENT at the moment) syslogd on a syslog-server to handle incoming logging
messages from remote FBSD boxes (mixed, 11.2, 12.0 and CURRENT).

I' facing a very weird situation.


The server has IPv6 fdff:dead:beef::faaf and IP
The test client has IPv6 fdff:dead:beef::aaaa and IP

On the syslog server:

The syslog server's syslogd is configured as (etc/rc.conf):

syslogd -C -v -v -b [fdff:dead:beef::faaf]:514 -b \
-a [fdff:dead:beef::]/48:* -a*

It's /etc/syslog.conf file contains the following line to make syslogd
receiving syslog messages from the specified client and log those messages in a
separate file (/usr/local/etc/syslog.d/host_X.conf):

*.*     /var/log/hosts/host_a.log

On the client (IPv6 fdff:dead:beef::aaaa and IP, syslogd
(/etc/rc.conf) is configured via

syslogd -C -v -v -s

and it is configured to log additinaly all messages to the server
via /usr/local/etc/syslog.d/logging.conf:

*.*     @[fdff:dead:beef::faaf]

I trigger then a log incident on the client via "logger < /dev/random".

This scenario doens't work - putting syslogd on the server into debug mode, via
adding option -d, the log message from the client is received, but rejected:

# of validation rule: 2
validate: dgram from IP ffdff:dead:beef::aaaa, port 514, name \
rejected in rule 1 due to IP mismatch. 
rejected in rule 2 due to address family mismatch. 
Message from fdff:dead:beef::aaaa was ignored.received sa_len = 28 
cvthname(28) len = 28 
# of validation rule: 2

While the manpage syslog.onf(5) is specific how to use IPv6 addresses in the
"action" field, preceeded by "@", I've no doubt of the ciorrectnes of the
client's syntax, *.* @[fdff:dead:beef::faaf].

But it seems ambiguous when it comes to the part of the hostname on the
server's side, when prepending the "hostname/program" portion with a "+" when
it comes to IPv6.

If switching the config on the client to:

*.*                     @

does let syslogd on the server log the message as expected:

# of validation rule: 2
validate: dgram from IP, port 514, name;
rejected in rule 1 due to address family mismatch.
accepted in rule 2.
logmsg: pri 15, flags 0, from, msg ��q^Bǩ�^CM-^L
Logging to FILE /var/log/hosts/host_a.log 
received sa_len = 16 
cvthname(2) len = 16 
# of validation rule: 2

I also tried on the server's config to avoid the brackets ("[]"),

*.*     /var/log/hosts/host_a.log

but that seems illogical and it results in the same IP mismatch as reported
further above. 

If it isn't a bug, please point me to the mistake.

Thanks in advance,


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