I'm updating from r342714M to r343917M. At boot init fails directly and I get asked which shell I want. /bin/sh dies directly too and I get asked which shell I want again.

With the r342714-BE booted and mounting the r343917-BE somewhere I can start the new sh on the old system without issues.

If I compare the objdump -x output of init (oldnew): for the old one there is an invalid relocation type 37 reported, and for the new one there is at the end of objdump an additional relocation record for .got.plt. The rest of the difference is just different offsets and sizes.

The file util doesn't report anything different for init.

This is after deleting /usr/obj, and cleaning the ccache cache. All cases are with CPUTYPE=native (Intel Xeon E5620).

I remember a commit of a new clang to head. Anything else in the area of influence for this? My next try is to compile without CPUTYPE=native to see if the new clang is doing something in this area which it didn't do before. Has anyone else seen a similar issue or has an idea what to look at next?


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