On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 2:27 PM David Boyd <david.boy...@twc.com> wrote:
> In 13.0-CURRENT, dialog(1) fills lines shorter than the box width with
> something other than the background color.  In an xterm session, the
> fill is white. In a console session, the fill is black.
> This appears to be a regression in the dialog(1) utility not seen in
> previous (11.2-RELEASE and 12.0-RELEASE) releases.
> To recreate:
> cat /etc/rc.conf | dialog --programbox 23 76
> No other problems have been observed in the dialog(1) utility.
> Thanks.
> David Boyd.

CC bapt@.  I've confirmed that the bug was introduced by r339488.
Unfortunately, that hardly narrows it down.  The diff is 49 kSLOC.
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