On February 11, 2019 5:05:37 AM PST, Cy Schubert <cy.schub...@cschubert.com> 
>Under the old Forth loader the line:
>       include /boot/testbed/test_sys
>would load the file and execute loader commands.
>However the the Lua loader results in the following:
>OK include /boot/testbed/amd64-current-r
>no error message
>Looking at the code, interp_include() expects to run actual Lua code 
>using luaL_dofile(). Is this an intended change?
>The loader statements the file above is intending to execute are:
>echo testbed/amd64-current-r (12.0-CURRENT) loader file selected
>set bootdev=disk1s4a:
>include /boot/testbed/current.hints
>include /boot/testbed/do_load_KOMQUATS
>Let me know if I am to rewrite these loader statements into Lua or 
>whether the Lua loader should be taught to read loader statements 

Thinking about this while travelling to $JOB, it's probably best to leave it as 
is. I'll rewrite the includes into Lua. The benefit is greater flexibility and 

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