In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Julian Elischer writes:
: Unfortunatly /etc/updateing doesn't warn you of this..
: I hit this as well.
: What is in /etc/updating is so vague and nondescript that
: it doesn't help wit this problem. (at least as it was when I hit it)

There is no /etc/updating.  UPDATING does contain information that you
need.  If you aren't able to figure out what you need to do based on
reading it, don't run -current.

        From approximately this date forward, one must have the crypto
        system installed in order to build the system and kernel.
        While not technically strictly true, one should treat it as
        required and grab the crypto bits.  If you are grabbing CVS
        trees, src-all and cvs-crypto should be treated as if they
        were required.  You should check with the latest collections
        to make sure that these haven't changed.

Seems pretty clear to me.


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