On 24.03.2019 17.25, Graham Perrin wrote:
When I open a web address in (for example) Thunderbird, there's a wait of around fifteen seconds before the web browser, already open, handles the address.

Affected browsers:

- Firefox
- SeaMonkey
- Waterfox.

Not affected:

- New Moon (Pale Moon) – the waiting period is a split-second
- Chromium – split-second
- Falkon – less than two seconds.

Any ideas?

<https://put.re/player?id=b62zHf8k.m4v> shows the waiting period with Konsole as the starting point, Firefox as the default web browser.

I can't say exactly when the problem began, but it was long before Firefox 66.


$ date ; uname -v
Sun 24 Mar 2019 16:23:22 GMT
$ pkg query '%o %v %R' firefox seamonkey waterfox
www/firefox 66.0_3,1 poudriere
www/seamonkey 2.49.4_24 FreeBSD
www/waterfox poudriere

I have seen this as well. But not right now so can't investigate.
Could it be a dbus problem?

I also have a vague and incomplete memory of fixing a similar
problem a long time ago by filling out my /etc/hosts.
Though that seems a bit weird.

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