Host is Windows 7 x64 SP1.
CPU is Core i7 960.
Hypervisor is VirtualBox 6.0.6.
VM is using UEFI.
Kernel config is 

Crash happens early during boot, right after launching the APs.

fault virtual address   = 0x0
KDB backtrace:
db_trace_self_wrapper() at
vpanic() at
panic() at
trap_fatal() at
trap_pfault() at
trap() at
calltrap() at
-- trap 0xc, rip = 0xffffffff8196d63a, rsp = 0xffffffff8198d730, rbp = 
0xffffffff8198d790 ---
fbt_provide_module_function() at 0xffffffff8196d63a = 
fbt_provide_module_function+0x7a/frame 0xffffffff8198d790
link_elf_each_function_nameval() at 0xffffffff80822ae5 = 
link_elf_each_function_nameval+0x115/frame 0xffffffff8198d7e0
fbt_provide_module() at 0xffffffff8196c33e = fbt_provide_module+0xde/frame 
fbt_linker_file_cb() at 0xffffffff8196c242 = fbt_linker_file_cb+0x12/frame 
linker_file_foreach() at 0xffffffff807c47b7 = linker_file_foreach+0x67/frame 
mi_startup() at 0xffffffff80786de6 = mi_startup+0x216/frame 0xffffffff8198dcb0
btext() at 0xffffffff8030da2c = btext+0x2c
Uptime: 1s

Previous BE is r346969 and works flawlessly.
No dumpdev is enabled to capture the details this early during boot.
Suggestions are welcome.

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