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>  |> Background: Apparently a FreeBSD developer, a viking looking fellow,
>  |> has been hiding a secret: just as many of his predecessors in the
>  |> Danish cities during WWII (collaborators); He has a disdain for "the
>  |> jews" collectively.
>  |>
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>  |Who cares!?
> I want to point out one thing.  No, two.  One is that i concur
> with all left hand side arguments of PHKs blog post that was
> linked a 100 percent.  But that is my personal opinion.
> The second is, and i think this is important, because over the
> centuries it occasionally is forgotten by spiritless people like
> the Nazis and then, short, "leads to massacres", small or
> otherwise overwhelming, etc., and, furthermore, in difference to
> the time before the first world war there was a tremendous amount
> of spirit and art in the heaven under which we live, meaning that
> topics were on the table, newspapers, universities, club talks
> etc.  The "Jew" as in anti-semitism has never been anything else
> than an allegory of bad characteristics present in each and every
> homo sapiens sapiens (that cheetah thing).
> It is an allegory.  Back in the day people like Richard Wagner
> pointed their finger onto the yews and often in a way that
> "everybody" knew that three fingers would point back, so even more
> simple minded people would understand it is an allegory, and the
> brain f.....s would also have something to talk about.  Of course
> it is true when Carl Dahlhaus says that "real Jews" had to stand
> the consequences ([Wagner] "macht es dem Judentum – der Allegorie,
> für die dann die realen Juden einstehen müssen"), but during the
> time of Wagner no Jew had to suffer in Germany.  That was over
> half a century later, and Mr.  Dahlhaus lived even later than
> that.
> But guess what the wonderful Daniel Barenboim reaped when he
> and his orchestre started playing a Wagner piece in Israel?
> Fanatic old-style jews started screaming and other terror.
> Todays standards are mindless and dumb.  They guzzle life on
> earth.  There is no Richard Wagner.  People are as wise and
> intelligent as back then, they penetrated the physical, chemical,
> biological essence of life intellectually even further than back
> then, but they lost soul and spirit just as much, or even more.
> No one dares to cross any line, while at the same time guzzling
> life on earth.  That is pathological, that is delirious.
> In short.  I am an antisemitist.  But this has nothing to do with
> real Jews.  Despite that, the situation in Israel is
> a catastrophe, and in Jemen, but let's just not talk about it.
> Will ya?
> --steffen
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