hello, more recent KAME code will hit the main trunc shortly.
        the code in the freebsd-current tree is dated November 1999, and
        there are many good changes made in KAME side.
        there will be tons of changes in:
        and also to sync with modified headers:
        other portions may be updated shortly.

        please torture-test it, so that the changes can go into 4.1.

        there are some API changes with the commit.  specifically:
        - some ioctls are added for IPv6.
        - change in ipsec policy specification language change.  you may need
          to change setkey(8) configuration files.
        - change in PF_KEY socket behavior to conform to standard better.
        - additional member in mbuf header structure to carry around ipsec
          policy better.
        you really need to swap setkey(8) if you update to the new kernel.

        sorry that it took this long period to upgrade, there are couple of
        reasons behind this: (1) shin, who took the primary role for
        freebsd-kame synchronization, is now real busy doing his company's
        job and cannot put time for us. (2) during previous merge, there were
        too many cosmetic changes made.  this adds many unnecessary diffs
        between kame tree and freebsd tree (we can't just back import them
        into kame tree, as we share sys/netinet6 ACROSS 4 BSD PLATFORMS).
        this time, i decided to put kame tree as is, decreasing # of diffs
        as much as possible.  this should ease future upgrades.
        kame-origin tree like sys/netinet6, they will become real PITA for
        future upgrades.
        (you don't usually untabify/tabify third-party source code, do you?)

        as for point (2), i'll add sys/netinet6/README which has some
        notices on kame tree.


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