From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Munehiro Matsuda)
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 14:59:16 +0900
::::> If I use randomdev for ssh, then APM seem to have stopped working.
::::This is wierd; I am running this randomdev on my Libretto, (I wrote
::::it there), and it and APM are both fine.
::::> Am I doing something wrong?
::::No - you are doing everything right.
::::Can you do any debugging on this? Are you able perhaps to trace the
::::kernel and see where it fails?
::Ok. I'll see what I can do.
::BTW, I've taken a diff of dmesg output between randomdev loaded and
::unloaded. As you can see, (1)outcome of "Calibrating clock" differs
::and (2)device attaching order is some what different. 
::I'll let you know, if I can find anthing.

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I think I found the problem, and being able to work around it. 
But, I don't know how to realy fix it.

Here's summery of what was happening...

1. APM fails if randomdev_load="YES" in loader.conf and ACPI configured.
 Some drivers' probe & attach order will change, if randomdev module
was loaded using loader.conf.
 I have ACPI test driver (as of early May) and APM driver in my kernel,
that was affected by this change.

 1)Randomdev NOT Loaded: Probe & attach will happen in the order -
   (1)nxp0, (2)apm0, (3)acpi0 .....That's OK

 2)Randomdev Loaded: Probe & attach will happen in the order -
   (1)acpi0, (2)apm0, (3)nxp0 .....NG

   Because acpi0 access the BIOS first, APM support in BIOS seems to
   get turned off. :-(

If there's any way to statically set the probe & attach order, I would
like to know.

2. Work around was to include RANDMDEV in config file.
 I disabled it, because it was panicing on shutdown. 
 That being fixed in rev1.5 of randmdev.c, I have a working system, again.

Thanks you,
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