> This really bit me- it shouldn't have- but it did.... 
> I had a i386 system with a 4GB disk -- root partition ~1GB.... but the
> motherboard was setting up BIOS as a CHS instead of an LBA arrangement.
> The only time this showed up as problem was that when I reinstalled the
> loader (and related forth files), loader silently was not able to read /boot
> or /modules- the key word here is "silently".
> There ought to be a warning in loader(8) maybe about this?

The loader used to bitch if it couldn't find its startup files, but this 
got turned off because people didn't like it.  There would be a couple of 
ways to deal with the problem you're seeing (in addition to the very 
worthwhile documentation) -

a) bitch if the loader.rc file can't be found/read.

b) bitch in the BIOS disk driver if an illegal read is attempted.

Both of these might have given you enough clue to help find the problem 
more quickly.  Any comments, folks?

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