sorry for the late notice, I forgot to mail this yesterday.

/etc/rc.shutdown in -current has been changed to call the scripts in
${local_startup} with the `stop' option. This allows packages like
databases to call their own shutdown methods and clean up after
themselves. All the ports have been changed accordingly. If you still
have old startup scripts lying around in /usr/{local,X11R6}/etc/rc.d
you should upgrade these ASAP.

Basically, the new scripts look like this:

| case "$1" in
| start)
|         # startup code here
|         ;;
| stop)
|         # shutdown code here
|         ;;
| *)
|         echo "Usage: `basename $0` {start|stop}" >&2
|         exit 64
|         ;;
| esac
| exit 0

-stable users: I intend to merge and activate this change shortly
before the code freeze for the 4.1 release, which is July 20th, if I'm
not mistaken.


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