At 12:50 AM -0600 7/6/00, John Galt wrote:
>Is there a quick and dirty way for the label editor to detect if
>a BIOS is using LBA?  This actually sounds like a setup in which
>the error condition should be alerted on placing / on a cylinder
>higher than 1024 rather than long after you can do anything about
>it.  The loader error might be a good extra, but the real place
>the user should be notified of the error condition is upon creation.

In theory I agree with you.  In my specific case, I was trying to
do something "clever" (ahem), and as such it's pretty much my own
fault that the partition ended up past the 8-gig mark.  The label
editor would have had to have been mighty smart to realize what I
was up to.

So, based on the sample of what I myself was doing, I don't really
think it's possible to detect this problem at creation time.  A
clearer message at boot time would have been appreciated, though.

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