While compiling a kernel with recent code (cvsup 22:30 -0400 July 6), I 
had some undefined symbols.  I traced the symbols to netkey/key_debug.c
 and found that it did not test IPSEC_DEBUG correctly.  I have attached
 a patch below.

Jim Bloom

Index: netkey/key_debug.c
RCS file: /users/ncvs/src/sys/netkey/key_debug.c,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -r1.11 key_debug.c
--- netkey/key_debug.c  2000/07/04 16:35:14     1.11
+++ netkey/key_debug.c  2000/07/07 03:26:30
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
 #ifdef _KERNEL
 #include "opt_inet.h"
 #include "opt_inet6.h"
+#include "opt_ipsec.h"
 #include <sys/types.h>

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