Rodney W. Grimes wrote:

> Oopsss... never mind.  I think this has all been folded into
> the baseline cvs target.  *-crypto is no more.

Hi, Rodney.  This recent message explains what's happening:

>   From: John Polstra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>   Subject: Re: HEADS UP: Crypto changes coming soon
>   Oops, Alan Edmonds pointed out a typo in my announcement:
>   >     src-crypto
>   >     src-eBones
>   >     src-secure
>   >     src-sys-crypto
>   >
>   > will remain valid and unchanged, except that they will become
>   > sub-collections of "src-all" instead of the soon-to-be-defunct
>   > "cvs-all" collection.
>      ^^^^^^^ should say "cvs-crypto"

Personally, I use the separate collections because cvsup times out
otherwise (I guess my connection is too slow).
Trevor Johnson

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