On 8 Jul 2000, Cyrille Lefevre wrote:

> Paul Herman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Hee, hee.  Yes, this is probably no big deal (and not put forth as any
> > strong argument for not commiting this)
> humm! you are looking for a small bug (the beast :)
> this problem also exists w/ du -c...
> # cp -rp /etc/defaults total
> # du -c total
> 69      total
> 69      total
> so, your argumentation isn't "viable" (in french, don't know the
> translation in english, sorry).

The argument isn't viable in english either.  ;-)

You are absolutely right.  I never said it was an argument.  In fact,
I even stated that it wasn't.  That was just a side note.  Remember,
I'm not against your patch -- I'm simply trying to find reasons why
this should be commited, which I have yet to find.

If someone chooses to commit the '-c' option for 'df' soley for the
reason that 'du' command has the same option, I won't complain.  I
just find the reasoning a bit strange, that's all.

I would like to let this thread go.  All pros/cons for this matter, if
there are any at all, have already been put on the table 2-3 emails


P.S. If you had a 'df' option that gives me _new_ information, like
%frag or something, you'd have my vote.  (BTW, if you are taking
suggestions, I'd rather have a 'df -p' that paints my house!  :)

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