It seems Nate Lawson wrote:
> Looking at the code in atapi-cd.c and atapi-all.c, it seems like the
> queued request is getting an EIO.  Judging from the behavior when I tried
> to close a session that was already finished, I can only guess that what
> the ata driver is sending my drive is different than its expectation for a
> close disk command.  Perhaps the track (ccb[5] = 0) in acd_close_disk() is
> incorrect for my drive?  It may be non-standard; I'm not an ata expert by
> any means.  It returns an error immediately without spinning up the disk
> so I assume it's a firmware error.  If there are no further suggestions,
> I'll trace into it with ddb and ATAPI_DEBUG. 

I dont have the spec handy, but it could be the ccb[5] = 0 which IIRC
means close last open track, maybe some drives needs the real track
number here...

> Second, it seems that the "out of sequence" stuff is still in -current.  
> Is that bound to be removed soon?  It is perfectly acceptable to insert 
> media with sessions written a previous time and close the disk without 
> writing another session first.

I have removed all the sequence checks locally, it will go in with the
next round of updates...


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