PR 19755 seeks to teach nologin(8) to look for .nologin files in a user's
home directory. However, I feel that such knowledge is better obtained via the
nologin capability in login.conf. Basically, file and program capabilities
should perform tilde expansion. Libutil already does tilde-expansion for path
capabilities, although the implemention would certainly be different for
  The problem is that the libutil interface does not differentiate between
strings, files, and programs. User-land utilities call login_getcapstr() to
get capabilitiy values for any of these types. What would be needed is a
separate interface, login_getcapfile, specifically for
files/programs. Unfortunately, this would then require modifying all user-land
utilities to use the new interface.

  Is this acceptable? Is so, I'll have patches together for review shortly.


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