On Wed, Jun 28, 2000 at 01:49:36PM -0400, Dan Moschuk wrote:
> | I disagree.  We're not Linux, where people can throw in code without thought
> | to the wider consequences -- one of the commitments you should make (that's
> | a generic "you" there, not you specifically) as a FreeBSD committer is to 
> | maintain the documentation that's affected by your changes.  A look at
> | HARDWARE.TXT shows that (with a few notable exceptions) the FreeBSD Developer
> | Community at large is *not* keeping it up to date.
> Perhaps it would be a good idea to assign someone the task of just maintaing
> the HARDWARE.TXT file, rather than expecting all developers to keep 
> documentation up to date?

That is what I am currently doing (at least trying to.. ;-) for
FreeBSD/alpha. But considering that the alpha community is considerably
smaller this might be a problem in the much bigger x86 world.

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