Warner Losh writes:
> In message <l03130304b57ec3bf8693@[]> Bob Bishop writes:
> : Can anyone give a quick synopsis of the current status of support for USB
> : modems? TIA
> They aren't supported yet.  There's at least one group that might be
> working on them.  The value of supporting them is well known.  Take
> care in your purcahse of a usb modem because some of them expect an
> isochronous audio stream...

Nick (and I, for that matter) have a umodem.c that works, for some
definition of "works". It seems to work fine on USR USB modems. On the
Supra I bought (because it was easily available), it works for dialout
and makes PPP connections, but outgoing IP connections fail under an
indeterminate set of conditions. It's not clear where the problem is -
I'll be investigating it as soon as I once again have free time (a
couple of weeks).

Nick has indicated he was going to try this version and commit it, but
it hasn't happened yet.


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