-On [20000708 00:25], Shawn Ramsey ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>>I am trying to install FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE onto a Mylex Acceleraid 250. 
>>The RAID is two drives setup as a RAID1. When booting from the floppies, 
>>it found the card, and the raid configuration. The OS installed fine onto 
>>the RAID, but now when I try to boot, it tells me "missing operating 
>>system". Is anyone using one of these in this fashion? What do I need to 
>>do to get it to boot?

IIRC Mike Smith fixed this ins 4.0-STABLE.

Your best bet is to find some recent 4.0-STABLE disks and install a
STABLE snapshot which supports booting from AMI and MyLex RAID set-ups.


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