Hi Boris,

I have a strange problem with smbfs, where the mounted share times out
and becomes inaccessible after a period of time.  I haven't been able to
pinpoint the exact moment when it happens, but basically:

hightemplar:/home/alex$ mount
/dev/da0s1a on / (ufs, local, writes: sync 135 async 19893, reads: sync
3575 async 133)
/dev/da0s1f on /usr (ufs, local, writes: sync 33050 async 168568, reads:
sync 228738 async 13847)
/dev/da0s1e on /var (ufs, local, writes: sync 13939 async 350912, reads:
sync 14959 async 546)
procfs on /proc (procfs, local)
linprocfs on /usr/compat/linux/proc (linprocfs, local)
//ALEX@PLUTO/USERS on /mnt/pluto (smbfs)

hightemplar:/home/alex$ ls -l /mnt/pluto/
ls: : Broken pipe

hightemplar:/home/alex$ cd /mnt/pluto

hightemplar:/mnt/pluto$ pwd

hightemplar:/mnt/pluto$ ls -al
ls: .: Broken pipe

umounting and mounting it again solves the problem.

Also, smbutil doesn't seem to work:

hightemplar:~$ smbutil lc
SMB connections:
Server: PLUTO
    VC:       ALEX(root:wheel) 711
        Share:    USERS(root:wheel) 711

hightemplar:~$ smbutil view //alex@pluto
smbutil: can't get handle to requester
smbutil: could not login to server PLUTO: syserr = Invalid argument

PLUTO is running Windows NT 4, not sure which Service Pack, either 5 or
6.   I will be happy to help you debug this.


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