-On [20000709 22:40], Paul Herman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
>> -On [20000709 21:20], Leif Neland ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> >These messages are infected with the kak virus. See
>> >http://www.cai.com/virusinfo/encyclopedia/descriptions/wscript.htm
>> Am I the only one to NOT see this?
>Probably not.  It wasn't in the "Content-Type: text/plain" part of the
>attachment, just the "text/html" part.

Ah right.  Spotted it.

Which brings us back to a few good rules:

- do NOT post in HTML

- do not configure your mailer to mail lame virus warnings back to lists
  where precedence is set to bulk.

Thanks for reminding me of the text/html.  I looked there before but
failed to spot it.  *sigh*

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