Cyrille Lefevre writes:
> Mike Meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > # Init: 300. Shutdown: -1. Description: Standard smtp (mail) daemon.
> > (indicating that it should be installed as /etc/init.d/,
> > and no shutdown installation is necessary).
> I guess you would like to says that lives in /etc/init.d
> while lives in /etc/rc.d and /etc/shutdown.d. if not,
> you are at the oposite of the SystemV semantic ! and would be a pain
> for system administrators. why not to simply adopt the SystemV semantic ?
> not all is bad in System V :)

Yes, that's correct. And yes, not all is bad in SysV. In particular,
having a directory where you can find scripts to stop (and restart)
subsystems is very nice. I think the multiple levels (rc?.d) is a bit
of overkill. Either the system is up (meaning everything is turned
on), or it's down, and the sysadmin who brought it down can start the
subsystems s/he needs. Having a single init.d to look in for those
things helps in that process.


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