On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Ollivier Robert wrote:

> After updating to the very latest current code, I get a multiple free panic on
> my SMP machine. It always happen during buildworld in libc_r.
> Important note : I have the snapshot code from Kirk.
> The panic is in random_read which does a free. Here is the trace.

This should be fixed it rev.1.7 of randomdev.c.

> ...
> (kgdb) up
> #11 0xc0144340 in random_read (dev=0xc031e3c8, uio=0xc667bed8, flag=131072)
>     at ../../dev/randomdev/randomdev.c:100
> warning: Source file is more recent than executable.
> 100                     ret = read_random(random_buf, c);
> (kgdb) list
> 95              void *random_buf;

Source file has the fix :-).


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