On 10 Jul, Ade Lovett wrote:

>> But you didn't update /usr/ports/Mk, did you? :-)

Only if ports-base isn't anymore in ports-all or my local CVS tree is
messed up.

But you didn't do an »grep -i pod /usr/ports/Mk/*«, did you? :-)

> This is nothing to do with parts of /usr/ports being out of date
> and has already been mentioned on both -ports and -current.

It was really mentioned on -current? Do you have a MessageID at hand (I
haven't seen such a message, it would lead to the conclusion that my
mailsystem is faulty (invariant: I haven't overlooked the message))?

> The following (untested, by me) patch from
> MANTANI Nobutaka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> apparently fixes this.

I give it a try.


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