-current, as of ~today:

FreeBSD/alpha (farrago.feral.com) (console)

login: panic: freeing free cluster
Stopped at      Debugger+0x2c:  ldq     ra,0(sp) <0xfffffe000a2019f0>
db> t
Debugger() at Debugger+0x2c
panic() at panic+0x100
m_freem() at m_freem+0x134
nfs_writerpc() at nfs_writerpc+0x1130
nfs_doio() at nfs_doio+0x614
nfssvc_iod() at nfssvc_iod+0x264
nfssvc() at nfssvc+0xa8
syscall() at syscall+0x244
XentSys() at XentSys+0x50
(null)() at 0x120000680

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