> I've looked at this driver and think it looks useful, though I'm a
> little concerned about the handling of bridge support.   We don't
> really encourage users to edit module Makefiles just to enable a given
> feature in the compiled module 


i think that whole ``#ifdef BRIDGE'' section can be removed from the code.
``ether_input'' seems to be take care of it. it also feeds frame to ``bpf'',
so it also can be removed. thanks to Nick Sayer for the hint :)

i just got e-mail that makes a good point about Ethernet bridging

it seems freebsd 4.x bridgin code is somewhat broken.. (it initializes the 
tables of devices it can bridge at boot time).. thus tap0 isnt available

so basically bridging doesnt work ;(

ooops :) will check on it :) seems to me we need some interface to
add/remove interfaces to/from bridge.


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