On Tue, 11 Jul 2000 14:56:35 +0100, Ben Smithurst wrote:

> 'pseudo-device stf' gives an error, stf lives in the gif driver, so this
> is required really.  Is that ok?  Is there anyone at KAME I should send
> this to as well?

I'm interested to see how the KAME folks react to our chucking out the
pseudo-device keyword from config(8).  :-)

> > Sheldon Hearn will be taking care of passing the manpage diffs back to
> > KAME.
> ah... right.  I guess that answers my question. :-) Sheldon - you can
> commit this yourself if you want, or shall I do it and you just take
> care of passing it back to KAME?  It's releated to PR 19163 by the way.

For now, I'll be looking at passing back to the KAME folks all those
fixes that this pending merge will blow away.


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