I don't know if this belongs in -current or -smp, so here goes.

I am running -current SMP, cvsup, etc. late last night PDT.

# uname -a
FreeBSD celebris 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT #0: \
  Tue Jul 11 09:53:15 PDT 2000 \
  tomdean@celebris:/usr/src/sys/compile/CELEBRIS-SMP i386

I have been using 'make world' as a stability/performance indicator.

The stability has been good.  I have had no recent panics, etc.,
during 'make world'.  I choose the times to update carefully.

Good work core team.

I seem to see somewhat of a performance drop in the past week.

I save the output of 'make world' I know this is not a benchmark nor a
very accurate indicator.  However, I believe 'make world' is a pretty
good torque tool for a lightly loaded, interactive, 'play' system.
And, disk I/O, compiling and executing user code is what interactive
users do.

If 'make world' puts out approximately the same number of lines, I
think it is doing about the same amount of work.

I see an increase in 'make world' time over the past week, or so.  The
number of lines of output has gone up slightly.  The time elapsed has
gone up more.

# world_time.sh
Make World Statistics
-current SMP, 2xP133, 96MB RAM, IBM Superstor 9G disk.
Lines is the number of lines of output produced by 'make world'.
Date     Lines Make Time Lines/Minute
-------- ----- --------- ------------
19991018 35281  6h40m16s 88.20
20000401 39490  7h56m18s 82.96
20000402 39427  7h28m41s 88.01
20000412 39404  7h10m21s 91.64
20000621 38679  7h20m20s 87.91
20000630 39530  7h56m20s 83.05
20000709 39679  8h40m28s 76.31
20000710 39568  9h13m46s 71.55
20000711 41178  9h22m05s 73.27


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